How do you transfer YO's WhatsApp data to a new phone? - YoWhatsApp

 Many people consider it a complicated task to transfer data from YO WhatsApp to the original WhatsApp on another device. However, I want to tell you that it's too easy, you just need to follow these steps.

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  • First, you need to back up your YO WhatsApp data on your current phone.
  • Open your phone's file manager and search for the yowhatsapp data you just backed up. You will see the data in a folder called "YoWhatsApp ", which you should rename to "WhatsApp". Also, all subfolders in this folder called "YO WhatsApp Audio" should be renamed "WhatsApp Audio".
  • Next, you'll need a data cable to connect your current phone to your computer. Transfer the WhatsApp folder from your phone to your computer's desktop.
  • Install WhatsApp on a new phone and log into your account.
  • Connect the new phone to your computer with a cable, then transfer the WhatsApp folder on your computer's desktop to the phone's internal storage space.
  • Finally, launch your WhatsApp on your phone and give the app access to some of your data. When the "backup" information appears in the interface window, click "Restore". Once the data has been recovered, click Next.

That's all you have to do. Finally, you have transferred your YO WhatsApp data from your old phone to WhatsApp on your new phone.

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