Yo WhatsApp New Version Download 2022 Free For Android Official

Many of you will have heard of or used the official WhatsApp, which is the second most popular software in the world. It does offer great convenience to its users. However, due to the highly restrictive nature of WhatsApp, some voices of dissatisfaction have started to emerge. After all, users want an app that is 100% functional, and this is where Yo WhatsApp comes in! If you want to know more about this powerful app, read on below.

Yo WhatsApp New Version Download 2022 Free For Android Official

What is Yo WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp is an Android application. Yo WhatsApp New Version allows you to have countless extra features on your WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp has some interesting features. For example, you can hide the last seen, disable voice and video calls and have a long status. In terms of new features, Yo WhatsApp differs from the official WhatsApp in that it is more powerful. And all the features that the official WhatsApp has, you can find in Yo WhatsApp. So you can understand that Yo WhatsApp is a better alternative to the official WhatsApp.

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New Features of Yo WhatsApp

Check out the features of Yo WhatsApp!

There are many features for you to enjoy the Yo WhatsApp APK, below I leave them to you:

Send larger files:

As you know, normal WhatsApp only sends light files i.e. no more than 100MB, while in this Yo WhatsApp APK it sends larger files. You can send files up to 700MB. This makes Yo WhatsApp a more friendly software for working people. This feature is far inferior to the official WhatsApp. No one wants to switch to other software to send larger files while chatting.

Send any number of images:

In normal applications you can only send 15. And in Yo WhatsApp APP, you can send unlimited number of images at once. You no longer have to worry about remembering which photos were posted and which weren't when sharing photos with friends. This function is too user-friendly, isn't it?

Hide online:

You can hide your online status, and at the same time, you can continue to see the real-time status of family, friends or work partners. This feature is interesting. Because it means that you will become invisible to the person you are chatting with. They will not be able to see your online status. The benefit of this feature is that it gives users more privacy. Sometimes we don't want others to know we're online. I'm sure you have had moments like this too. This feature is for everyone!

Download Friends Status:

Official WhatsApp does not offer the option to download friend statuses. However, users often have moments when they want to download the status of family members or friends, because family members or friends share the status that is particularly worth saving. This time Yo WhatsApp can help you. It provides this feature, you don't have to worry about missing the good status of your family or friends. And you can download and watch it again and again.


You can hide what's being typed, hide sending audio, and even remove the blue double standard. Everyone has a tangled moment: should I reply to this message? How do I reply to this message? When you're in this state, you don't want WhatsApp to reveal all your troubles! After all, it is also a very private thing, and you want WhatsApp to keep it secret for you. Of course, official WhatsApp can't do this but Yo WhatsApp offers this fresh feature!

Internet Down (DND):

This mode is great for people who need to focus or rest. When the user wants to be alone, or when the user wants to concentrate on the game, no one wants to see chat messages pop up and disturb them. Yo WhatsApp offers Do Not Disturb feature. You don't have to turn off the data network in your phone, you set it up in Yo WhatsApp. Your other software can still use the internet as long as you turn on DND mode. It's just that messages in Yo WhatsApp no ​​longer pop up to bother you.

Chat password:

Here you can set a password for a contact you want on Yo WhatsApp without having to enter a password for each software. This is also the second layer of protection that Yo WhatsApp provides users. The password is required when you turn on the phone, and the same is required when you turn on the Yo WhatsApp software. No one can snoop on your chat history!

Themes and fonts:

Yo WhatsApp has always been known for its wide variety and huge number of themes and fonts! If you are a person who likes to develop personalized themes very much, you must not miss this feature. Yo WhatsApp can make your application more personal to the user. Such low limits are rare on official WhatsApp.

High quality photos:

You know that beautiful photo you took, but WhatsApp ruined it by reducing the resolution? Yo WhatsApp doesn't do that; it just dutifully transfers your photos for you without degrading their quality.

How to Install Yo WhatsApp APK: Steps to Follow

Before installing

When you create a Yo WhatsApp account, your original WhatsApp account will be deleted. Remember to back up your chat history before creating a modified app account as your messages will not be automatically migrated from WhatsApp to Yo WhatsApp.


Since Yo WhatsApp is an application that cannot be downloaded directly from Google Play, you may need to take some steps to install WhatsApp on Android.

On your Android mobile device, go to Settings and enter the Security section.

Enable "Unknown Sources".

After that, find the Yo WhatsApp download link in this website and click "Download".

After completing these instructions, open the app and create an account, or log into an existing Yo WhatsApp account.

Other Mods of WhatsApp

Because of the limitations imposed by the official WhatsApp, many development teams have realized that there is still a lot of room for new features and optimizations to be made to WhatsApp. This is why different teams have come up with different mods of the official WhatsApp, not just the Yo WhatsApp. If you want to know more about the differences between the different mods, click on the links below to find out more about them.

Last Words

Yo Whatsapp Apk is an app that you can use to send short messages using multiple files. For example, you can very easily send messages with video files, images or voice messages.

This application is very different from the original Whatsapp version, which can only send messages of a certain size. In addition, Yo Whatsapp allows you to do all sorts of other interesting things.

Of course, this is a fun thing to do and will not be the same as other types of whatsapp apps. This app is also used by many people from young people to adults.

They prefer this version because the services in the app suit their wishes. So, if you are also interested in trying or downloading this yo whatsapp app, there is no harm in it.

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